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Russell Perks Martial Arts Academy

TKD Black Stripe Workshops

TKD Black Stripe Workshops

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We are introducing Black Stripe Workshops for 2024, in order to help our latest batch of Black Stripes prepare to smash out their Black Belt grading!

Saturday 20th January (11:15)
Saturday 24th February (11:15)
Saturday 23rd March (11:15)
Saturday 27th April (11:15)
Saturday 18th May (11:15)
Saturday 15th June (11:15)
Saturday 20th July (11:15)
Saturday 17th August (11:15)
Saturday 28th September (11:15)
Saturday 19th October (11:15)
Saturday 26th October (11:15)
Saturday 16th November (11:15)
Saturday 14th December (11:15)

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